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Respimer NetiFlow Sinus & Nasal Irrigation Starter Kit


Quick Overview

The Respimer Netiflow is a Sinus and Nasal Irrigation system which provides proven relief for Sinusitis, Colds and Allergies and it also helps with all forms of Rhinitis and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Respimer NetiFlow Sinus & Nasal Irrigation Starter Kit decongests, cleanses and soothes the respiratory mucous membrane to relieve sinus pain and is safe and easy-to-use

Respimer Netiflow is approved by Allergy UK.

Designed to loosen and clear secretions, the Respimer is drug free and is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age and can be used by pregnant or breast feeding women.
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The Respimer Netiflow delivers key benefits to the patient :

  • Each sachet contains 5 essential minerals which are pH balanced , preservative free and provide a soothing effect
  • Each Starter bottle kit comes with two nozzles – one is for gentle feed ( gravity application ) and then other is for a more pressurised feed ( vertical flow ) designed for more experienced irrigators
  • Each Starter bottle kit comes with soft ergonomically designed nozzles so they are gentle on your nose
  • Bottle neck can also be adjusted for fast or slow flow of solution to meet your needs as you move from a beginner to an experienced nasal irrigator

Starter Bottle Kit contains :

  • 1 x 240ml Bottle
  • 2 x nozzles + 1 dip tube
  • 1 x screw-on collar for the bottle
  • 6 x 4g ready to use sachets

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