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Nipits Aniseed & Liquorice Pellets


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Nipits Aniseed & Liquorice Pellets Re-launched in the Original Simpkins 1921 replica packaging.

Ingredients - Pure liquorice extract, eucalyptus oil, aniseed oil
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Nipits Aniseed & Liquorice Pellets come in handy hip hinged pocket tins full of pure and natural liquorice pellets.

The liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a medicinal plant known to man since the most ancient of times, for the extract obtained from it.

Books on Chinese medicine and the ancient Indian Brahamanistic tradition both agree on including liquorice among the substances having a godlike effect on the human body. Great quantities of liquorice were found among the treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb. Its beneficial characteristics were listed by Hypocrates the doctor for the cure of asthma, cough, pulmonary diseases, intestinal problems, the healing process of wounds.

Also in Yorkshire and Lancashire it is colloquially known as Spanish, supposedly because Spanish monks grew liquorice root at Rievaulx Abbey near Thirsk.

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5.00 Average

8 Reviews


Posted 4 months ago


Arrived quickly. Well packed. Exactly as ordered. Thanks!

Caroline J

Arrived promptly thankyou


Great product!

Ekaitz G

These are amazing! I bought 3 of these and 3 of the original ones. Aniseed version definitely the best! Great service too so I will no doubt return for more

alan f

Brilliant product. As an ex singer, I used them all the tgime when they were called "negroids". For obvious reasons the name has changed, but they are still the best thing for singers and actors. One good thing is that these don't make the tongue black.

Tony W

I actually prefer the pure liquorice pellets so I exchanged them...I LOVE the pure ones and Wellbury has great customer service.

John S

Ordered both pure liquorice and aniseed nippits, they arrived very quickly - especially considering they were sent to Australia. Personally I found the Aniseed ones more efective at clearing the throat.

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